£143 Million Lottery Jackpot Today

The popular EuroMillion Lottery game is worth a massive £143,000,000 in the draw taking place today. Tuesday 21 October 2014 is certainly a day to remember with the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot having rolled over 5 consecutive times before reaching this massive amount. 

EuroMillion Lottery players have bought lottery tickets for the draw since very early this morning. We have also been at it in trying to win some or all the prize money associated with this particular draw. The fact that no one has managed to win EuroMillions since the Super Draw is an added attraction.

The last lottery player to win a major EuroMillion Lottery was an Irish Lottery player who picked up a £25,668,301 win on a Tuesday EuroMillion Lottery draw. UK EuroMillion players do tend to traditionally have better luck when the lottery prize is large and this particular lottery jackpot is one of the largest ever.

If this particular lottery jackpot rolls over, the value of the next EuroMillion prize could be well over £151 Million which is the largest lottery prize amount ever won by a UK player. That particular win was of course won by the Weirs of Scotland. It is about time that particular record got broken in our humble opinion.

We have once again implemented our lottery ticket buying strategy where we have bought tickets both online and in land based venues at different times in different locations. The aim of this is to maximise our chance to hit a Millionaire Raffle prize as well.

From very early this morning we have witnessed a major surge in EuroMillion Lottery ticket buying both online and in land based venues. If you have not yet got your lottery tickets for this particular draw make sure you get some. Give yourself plenty of time for standing in a queue or get tickets for EuroMillions Online.


As ever the draw for the EuroMillion Lottery prize takes place in Paris at 8:30 pm tonight. Remember that to win it you have to be in it. Make sure you have your lottery tickets for this particular draw.

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