£12 Million UK EuroMillions Win Not Claimed

A £12,000,000 EuroMillions prize has still not been claimed by the winner. The lottery ticket bought in the Ladywood area of Birmingham won a special Millionaire Raffle which paid the winner £1,000,000 for 12 months. The winner has already missed out on interest earnings. It seems as if they might miss out on the prize altogether.

The Millionaire Raffle part of EuroMillions is specific to the United Kingdom. It did increase the costs of a lottery ticket by fifty pence, so it is always wise for players to check the details of the Millionaire Raffle on each lottery ticket.  On our EuroMillions results page, we list all the Millionaire Raffle results.

The Lottery jackpot for today’s draw is worth an estimated £28,000,000. As ever, we always recommend purchasing lottery tickets online. If you have not yet got a lottery ticket, use our lottery ticket service by clicking on the link below. The UK EuroMillions link will take UK Lottery players to the Official UK Lottery site. The World EuroMillions link will take lottery players to our approved lottery ticket provider.                          

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