£119 Million EuroMillions Jackpot Today

The EuroMillions Lottery Jackpot is worth a staggering £119 Million today as it rolled over again from Fridays Olympic draw. Fridays draw was insanely popular with players as the lottery created 100 new millionaires via the Millionaire Raffle part of the lottery.

At this stage there are still 25 lottery players who have not yet claimed their Million Pounds. If you have a ticket make sure that you check it as there is a chance that you could be sitting on a fortune.

UK EuroMillion Lottery Players Buy Here

Rest of World Lottery Players Buy Here

Today’s £119 million pound jackpot is likely to increase as is usual when the lottery jackpot gets this high. Make sure that you get your lottery tickets online. We have 2 links above where lottery players are able to buy their tickets online.

The top link is for UK Lottery players. UK players who are in the UK are able to make ticket purchases via the site. Please remember that even if you are a UK citizen with a home in the UK, if you are abroad on holiday or business and you buy a ticket via the official site, you will be denied your prize.

The other link is for players outside of the UK. It will lead you to out authorised 3rd Party lottery ticket providers. UK players outside of the UK are able to buy lottery tickets here.

With a massive Lottery Jackpot on hand and 25 lottery millionaires still to come forward, it’s all to play for. Good Luck.

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