£112 Million Euro Million Lottery Win

The massive 112 Million Euro Million Lottery jackpot has been won. At present, the identity of the winner and where they come from are shrouded in mystery. We know that a single winning ticket won the massive jackpot.

We can also tell you that the winner is not based in the United Kingdom. We are wondering why there is no transparency around finding out who the winners are. For instance, why is it not possible for the EuroMillions site in the UK to tell us that there has been a winner in Portugal, France, or any other countries participating in the EuroMillions Lottery?

The UK has a Millionaire Raffle winner.

Due to the win, the jackpot amount has been reset to its default level of £12 Million. There was a Millionaire Raffle winner, and two lottery tickets in the UK managed to get five numbers and one lucky star. That means that their bank balances will be boosted to £395,566.50 each.

The winning EuroMillions ticket walks away with over €130 Million as a prize. Hopefully, the lottery winner will come from a country that does not tax lottery wins. At this stage, lottery wins are taxed in Switzerland and Portugal.

We look forward to reporting on who has won this massive lottery jackpot.

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