£111 Million EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot

The excitement of a EuroMillion Super Draw has increased over the last week if that could be considered possible. The EuroMillion Lottery Super Draw on Friday 3 October 2014 was a roll over and that was followed by yet another roll over on the Tuesday and Friday draws of the popular lottery game. That means the estimated EuroMillions jackpot for the draw today is worth a massive £111,000.000 and bound to grow a bit more by the time the draw takes place.

Despite lottery players not managing to win the main prize, EuroMillions has dished out some fantastic prize money in any event to lottery players across Europe. Both Online Lottery players as well as normal land based players have been rewarded for taking part in the largest lump sum lottery game in the world.

The EuroMillion Lottery draw on Friday 10 October 2014 saw 2 UK EuroMillion players each match 5 numbers and 1 lucky star in the draw. Both of these players won an amount of £271,449.50. In total 7 EuroMillion Lottery players managed to get this result.

Eleven Lottery players across the EuroMillion zone managed to get the Match 5 result which rewarded each of the players with a £57,580.20. Match 5 is of course when a lottery player manages to predict all the lottery balls bar the lucky stars. It must also be the most frustrating of results coming so close to a major win.

EuroMillion Lottery players in the United Kingdom also have the Millionaire Raffle as part of draw which guarantees a new UK Millionaire each week. Be sure to check all the Millionaire Raffle details on lottery tickets as well. The Irish and Portuguese EuroMillion lotteries both have extra games on their respective EuroMillion draws called EuroMillions Plus. Unlike the Millionaire Raffle there is no guaranteed payout on this part of the draw.

The EuroMillionLottery.com team have gone all out this week to try to hit a pay-day on the giant EuroMillion Lottery game. We have bought a few EuroMillion Lottery tickets from a variety of venues at different times and places. This tactic has paid off a little over the last week with £20 being spent in the last 2 EuroMillion draws and just over £13 recovered in winnings.

Lets hope for a little luck on this particular draw for ourselves and UK EuroMillion players. As ever make sure you get your lottery tickets well before the draw time.

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