100 New Millionaires Tonight on EuroMillions

They day has dawned, the moment has arrived. Today EuroMillions will create one hundred new Millionaires instantly via the Millionaire Raffle portion of the game. Yes that is right, one hundred new millionaires. So apart from targeting the main jackpot which is worth £13 Million after Portuguese EuroMillion players won the last 2 draws.

Camelot who operate EuroMillion Lottery in the United Kingdom has been wanting to break a world record by creating a massive amount of millionaire in a single evening and more power to them we say.  The spreading out of the cash is going to cause massive interest in the lottery game today simply because of the increased chance of winning a million pounds.

The odds of winning a million pounds are the best ever, it will also mean that they main jackpot will grow rapidly in the United Kingdom with players climbing in to try and win one of the one hundred million pound prizes available.

Millionaire Raffle has previously run a raffle of this nature. On the eve of the London Olympics they ran the very firs Millionaire Raffle Super Draw if we can call it that. Only 97 players claimed their million pound prize on that occasion. That meant that £3 million went to the good causes fund, and 3 lottery players missed out on a million pounds each. While it is great for the country as the funds are used for charitable purposes we do not like to see Lottery players miss out on windfalls of this nature.

It is also one of the reasons as to why we keep preaching about buying lottery tickets online. In the event of a winning line, players would get an email advising them to log into their account to check their ticket. Having an Online Lottery account also means that players have all of their details to hand and can be paid quickly as well as verified quickly.

The final factor is the safety and security aspect. Playing online is safe and secure and means that you do not have to rely on your local newsagent to tell you that you have won a jackpot in the event that you do not verify the lottery results yourself.

Friday the 26th of July we are hoping is going to go down in the record books with 100 new millionaires to be created in a single night. Make sure you have your EuroMillion Lottery tickets at hand and check euro million lottery results online.

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