100 Million Lottery Win

100 Million Lottery Win
100 Million Lottery Win

The final EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot game of January 2016 worth a little over £100 Million in prize money, has been claimed by 2 winning tickets.

Unfortunately for UK EuroMillion players, on this occasion neither of the tickets belongs to a UK Lottery player. One ticket was bought in France and the other winner is from the Irish Republic.

Each of these lottery jackpot winners gets to bank a £50,382.54 in prize money. This is significantly more in the Euro currency,which of course is what these 2 lucky lottery players will be paid in.

The value of the EuroMillion Jackpot in Euros is €66,188,316.The fact that the winners are from France and Ireland also mean that the lottery jackpot winnings are tax-free.

Both France and Ireland have not yet implemented a Lottery Winners tax as of yet.EuroMillions will now reset to its default jackpot level of £11 Million.

That is not all for this particular draw though. Although UK EuroMillion players experienced no joy in the main draw.

It was a Mega Friday draw in the United Kingdom which means there were 7 Millionaire Maker prizes on offer. Be sure to check the results for this on our EuroMillion Results page.

We do display all the latest results including all Millionaire Maker Results.

This part of the lottery draw is very neglected when it comes to players checking results,the vast majority of prizes lost for not checking is in this part of the draw.

For your quick reference the below are the Millionaire Maker results for UK EuroMillion players.


With a default level jackpot worth £11 Million Pounds, activity on EuroMillions will now in all probability switch to the UK Lotto game.

The revival of the Lotto game continues despite the worsening in odds. The current jackpot is worth over £20 Million in prize money.

Remember, to win it, you have to be in it.

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