10 Millionaire Raffle Millionaires

This Friday, there are going to be 10 guaranteed Millionaire Raffle Millionaires but only if you are playing from the United Kingdom.This particular lottery game is unique to UK Lottery players.

The extra fifty pence that UK lottery players now pay in the EuroMillions Lottery game goes towards a new raffle called Millionaire Raffle.

This Millionaire Raffle game had some of the best marketing brains in the country thinking about a new name for the Raffle.

They eventually chose Millionaire Raffle as the new raffle is going to create at least 1 new UK Millionaire per draw. You have read that correctly. One new UK Millionaire per draw at the least.

The operator of the National Lottery game is putting some serious marketing money into this Fridays EuroMillion draw and making sure that there are 10 new winners of this Millionaire Raffle.

If you are not in the United Kingdom  you can still take part in the EuroMillions draw, the estimated lottery jackpot this Friday is for the default amount of £13 million.

Make sure you play your Euro Millions Online this particular draw to be in with a chance of winning one of these ten Million Pound Millionaire Raffle prizes.

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