£10 Million Bradford Lottery Winner

The National Lottery is looking for the winner of a £10 Million Lottery prize from a ticket bought in Bradford. This is of course one of the two large pots that were put up for the launching of the new National Lottery game.

The winning ticket was bought in Bradford on the 5th of October which was a Saturday. National Lottery organizers are asking lottery players to check their tickets as they are desperate to pay out to the winner. UK Lottery player are of course famous or rather infamous for loosing out on big lottery jackpots.

Last year a Lottery jackpot of £38 Million was lost to the good funds cause after not being claimed during the relevant time period. At this particular time there is a massive £12 Million Millionaire Raffle prize that has not been paid to a EuroMillions player who bought the lottery ticket in the Ladywood district of Birmingham.

This amount will shortly be lost to the good causes fund. It is great to see that the National Lottery has upped the stakes in the Lottery jackpots and what would be even better is to see lottery players who win these jackpots get the cash. If you know of any family and friends from the Bradford area , remind them to check their Lotto tickets.

Lottery player can of course check all of the different lottery results right here from our site. Simply navigate to any one of the lottery results pages. Get the results for the EuroMillion Lottery Here. Find all of the UK National Lottery Results here.

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