Millionaire Maker Winner Search

Written by Greg on December 16th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

The search for the holder of Scottish Millionaire Maker winning lottery ticket has gone public with details of the winning EuroMillion Lottery ticket being published in the National News Media.

EuroMillions £25 Million Triple Rollover

Written by Greg on December 12th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

EuroMillions this Friday 12 December 2014 is worth a massive £25,000,000 after the last two draws on the lottery game ended with no main jackpot prize winner.

EuroMillions Win for Portuguese Lottery Player

Written by admin on October 30th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

A huge EuroMillions Lottery jackpot worth £150,000,000 has been won by a Portuguese Lottery player in a single lottery ticket win on Friday 24 October 2014.The fortunate jackpot winner of the massive lottery prize has not yet stepped forward to claim the lottery jackpot, media speculation is rife in Portugal as to who the winner is.

£143 Million Lottery Jackpot Today

Written by Greg on October 21st, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

The popular EuroMillion Lottery game is worth a massive £143,000,000 in the draw taking place today. Tuesday 21 October 2014 is certainly a day to remember with the EuroMillion Lottery jackpot having rolled over 5 consecutive times before reaching this massive amount. 

£111 Million EuroMillion Lottery Jackpot

Written by admin on October 14th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

The excitement of a EuroMillion Super Draw has increased over the last week if that could be considered possible. The EuroMillion Lottery Super Draw on Friday 3 October 2014 was a roll over and that was followed by yet another roll over on the Tuesday and Friday draws of the popular lottery game. That means the estimated EuroMillions jackpot for the draw today is worth a massive £111,000.000 and bound to grow a bit more by the time the draw takes place.

One Hundred Million Pound Jackpot Day

Written by admin on October 10th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

The headline does really say it all does it not. The EuroMillion Lottery jackpot prize is worth a massive one hundred million pounds. For those that prefer to see it in figures, it is one with a lot of zeroes attached to it. It is £100,000,000.

EuroMillions Super Draw October 2014

Written by Greg on October 3rd, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

euromillion lotteryThe EuroMillions Super Draw day is finally upon us today the 3rd of October 2014. With a minimum guaranteed jackpot of £80 Million if you are playing in the United Kingdom or €100 Million Euros if playing in  other EuroMillion Lottery countries. The buzz around EuroMillion Lottery will be huge all of today until the draw takes place in Paris tonight.

National Lottery Site Relaunch

Written by Greg on September 5th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

It has been an eventful week for Camelot who manage the National Lottery in the United Kingdom. Last week the National Lottery site went down on Saturday meaning that Online Lottery players who had not purchased tickets in advance for games had to do so by more traditional methods. This week the new National Lottery site has been unveiled and the first draw of EuroMillions on the new site is worth £37,000,00.

National Lottery Closing Accounts

Written by Greg on August 22nd, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

National Lottery Closes Accounts The National Lottery site in the United Kingdom is at present sending out emails to registered users of the site advising them that accounts are going to be closed. The reason for the closure of National Lottery accounts is due to non usage and that there will shortly be a new National Lottery site released. 

Austrian Wins €54 Million Jackpot

Written by Greg on August 20th, 2014. Posted in Lottery News

A lucky Austrian EuroMillion Lottery ticket holder has won the massive lottery jackpot. The total jackpot in euros amounted to €54,304,297 and there was a single winning ticket for the jackpot. The lottery prize was worth £43,58 million in British Pounds.