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What is Lotto Hotpicks? Lotto Hotpicks is a lottery game with two lotto number draws a week. The Hotpicks draws take place every Wednesday and Saturday. You can increase your Lotto Hotpicks prize by selecting and matching fewer numbers. All you have to do is to decide how many numbers you would like to pick and then select the corresponding “Pick” game. Enter the appropriate amount of numbers for the game. Choose Hotpick numbers from 1 to 49.

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DateBall 1Ball 2Ball 3Ball 4Ball 5Ball 6Ball SetMachine
Wed 17 Dec 2014193346235242Merlin
Sat 13 Dec 20141833304834383Arthur
Wed 10 Dec 20141415473631421Arthur
Sat 06 Dec 20141945234940434Arthur
Wed 03 Dec 2014173543719253Arthur
Sat 29 Nov 2014114218196386Arthur
Wed 26 Nov 20144941302928261Merlin
Sat 22 Nov 20141552922328Merlin
Wed 19 Nov 2014239363515385Merlin
Sat 15 Nov 2014423026285446Arthur
Wed 12 Nov 201495444113107Merlin
Sat 08 Nov 201472227426355Guinevere
Wed 05 Nov 201421253453628Guinevere
Sat 01 Nov 20143539472857Lancelot
Wed 29 Oct 20143114131725498Guinevere
Sat 25 Oct 20144315111749305Lancelot
Wed 22 Oct 2014425282436476Guinevere
Sat 18 Oct 2014304740221338Guinevere
Wed 15 Oct 2014194324626426Lancelot
Sat 11 Oct 20142623223857Lancelot
Wed 08 Oct 2014283427443297Lancelot
Sat 04 Oct 2014243441836485Lancelot
Wed 01 Oct 2014544711876Guinevere
Sat 27 Sep 20144620319178Lancelot
Wed 24 Sep 201433482938847Lancelot
Sat 20 Sep 201422626233485Lancelot
Wed 17 Sep 2014349411946222Guinevere
Sat 13 Sep 20143029121535221Lancelot
Wed 10 Sep 20142431131618433Lancelot
Sat 06 Sep 20141137324829404Guinevere
Wed 03 Sep 20143522272312343Guinevere
Sat 30 Aug 2014120354619304Guinevere
Wed 27 Aug 2014172954937361Guinevere
Sat 23 Aug 201411423871412Guinevere
Wed 20 Aug 2014122435471564Lancelot
Sat 16 Aug 201433612533421Guinevere
Wed 13 Aug 201411523930203Lancelot
Sat 09 Aug 20144547404336164Lancelot
Wed 06 Aug 20141735212933462Guinevere
Sat 02 Aug 20141328372345423Guinevere
Wed 30 Jul 201422114222451Lancelot
Sat 26 Jul 2014837263514224Lancelot
Wed 23 Jul 20144330472014182Guinevere
Sat 19 Jul 201452538341491Guinevere
Wed 16 Jul 2014114722274943Guinevere
Sat 12 Jul 2014234332819373Guinevere
Wed 09 Jul 201443123839114Lancelot
Sat 05 Jul 2014153482328242Guinevere
Wed 02 Jul 2014431848138202Guinevere
Sat 28 Jun 2014304349122883Lancelot
Wed 25 Jun 2014345192515361Guinevere